Szczesniak Joins Pacemaker Steel & Piping

November 12, 2019

Pacemaker Steel & Piping is pleased to announce the hiring of Kim Szczesniak as Billing and Inventory Clerk at their Utica operation. Kim formerly worked at Price Chopper as Head of Operations of Customer Service at their Cooperstown site.

Ms. Szczeniak is married to her husband Chris and has a one-year old daughter- Marlo (who Kim adds is beautiful!). She loves cooking, baking and traveling, as a family, to various zoos throughout the country. Kim is an avid reader and also enjoys working with clay- "Anytime I get the chance I can throw on the wheel and make large and small pieces."

Kim's thoughts about working at Pacemaker- "I love that this is a family-oriented place. Everyone here is friendly and welcoming which makes it a joy working with them!"

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